About Westline

Westline is a manufacturers representative company. Our corporate goal is to represent complimentary corporations who sell products that stop water intrusion into buildings and other structures.

The Company

Founded in 1980, Westline Manufacturers Representatives has established itself as a leader in the California construction industry. Our aim is to provide customers with weatherization solutions (roofing, waterproofing and air barrier systems) that are effective ways to stop water intrusion, without compromising quality or performance of the system.

Westline Manufacturers Representatives was established on the principal of providing high-quality professional products/systems that come with long term satisfaction. Our objective is to help complete each project on time and within the set budget. Westline Manufacturers Representatives is committed to providing all of our clients with excellent service to ensure their satisfaction.

Our Practices

All Westline Manufacturers Representatives projects are completed using first-rate construction practices to ensure a resulting environment that is dry and functional. When possible, we also try to incorporate green building practices to maximize project LEED Points. Each company we represent offers a product line that, in some way, stops water intrusion into a building or other structure under specific design criteria. We work with you to determine the most effective and complimentary products for your needs.

Please call us at any time to help you design or diagnose water intrusion problems and assist with specifications on upcoming new and remedial projects.