In protecting your interior space from outside air and vapor transmission, CCW offers three distinct product catagories providing a “Single System Solution.” 


MIRAPLY V & H is a self adhering blindside waterproofing membrane. This membrane is a fully adhered composite comprised of a tough, durable and flexible TPO  backing with butyl allow adhesive. MIRACLAY is a layer of sodium bentionite clay sandwiched between puncture resistant non woven geotextile. MIRASEAL is a 100% solid fluid applied, single component waterproofing membrane. BARRICOAT is a water-based, asphalt emulsion modified with a blend of synthetic rubbers and special additives. It cures rapidly to a monolithic, highly flexible membrane. BARRICOAT is designed to be a vapor retardant waterproofing membrane that can be applied to concrete, CMU, wood and metal. BARRICOAT is useful for a variety of applications including decks, foundations and retaining walls.


Drainage plays a critical role in the design and construction of below grade applications. Without proper drainage, groundwater seepage may cause hydrostatic pressure and leakage, resulting in structural damage. MiraDRAIN's multi-directional flow design allows a continuous path for water discharge, eliminating the potential for hydrostatic pressure build up. It allows water to pass freely into the drainage core, where it is gravity fed into the CCW QuickDRAIN drainage collection system.

Air & Vapor Barriers

CCW's Air & Vapor Barriers are asphalt-based sheets, spray-applied membranes and multi-layered geomembranes that provide the convenience of quick application and the lasting benefits of using quality materials. The Air & Vapor Barrier Systems consist of CCW-705 fully-adhered sheeting. Barriseal fluid-applied membrane and Barritech VP Permeable, NFPA 285 approved, can be sprayed for larger jobs and difficult-to-seal substrates.